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Company Profile

The Innogy Way

Innogy Solutions Inc. (Innogy) is a Filipino-owned environmental and natural resource consultancy and technical services company, envisioned to be the preferred partner of all sectors in sustaining ecological balance and economic development.

Working for and with the clients is one of the key elements of Innogy’s strategy to provide high quality and sustainable solutions at a reasonable cost. Through our close working relationship with our partners, we ensure capacity-building and knowledge transfer.


Innogy in the Philippines

Since its founding, Innogy has been commissioned by various government agencies and international funding institutions to implement environmental and capacity development projects.



Innogy’s cadre of expertise and its vast experience in efficiently executing various environmental to management related projects gave us the unique qualification to provide our clients with the technical assistance needed to enhance health, safety, and environment programs by providing trainings in EMS, OHSAS and EPR, to include HAZWOPER and CSER.

Innogy takes pleasure in assisting its clients meet their set goals and objectives. It is building a reputation that is anchored on its belief that by providing added value, it will develop long-term relationships with its clients.

Established linkages with Philippine government agencies and various industries. Innogy has built a strong working relationship with various Philippine government agencies such as EMB, DOST, and the Department of Energy (DOE) in the conduct of feasibility studies, market and industry analysis, capacity building, institutional development, database development, policy studies, and advocacy projects. Our involvement in the activities of various policy -makers in the country makes our company capable of preparing clients for future changes in environmental policy. Innogy also created a link with industry organizations and firms in their pursuit for a better environmental management approach.

Competent and highly knowledgeable professionals in the environmental field. The company boasts of the combined expertise of our professional staff, partners, and associates in the field of environment; each bringing forth more than one area of specialization, making sure that each strength be capitalized, and that interfac e among and between specialist be clearly delineated to ensure a harmonized flow of project activities. Our collective experience demonstrates our capabilities in managing projects that translates to timely delivery of quality products according to the highest standards of excellence.